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Do you need help within the hour? Call us and we can deliver speedy service for you. We are known for fast reaction time because we prepare ahead of time and have our trucks already packed with things that we need to perform all the jobs that we specialize in.

When you have been locked out, we can easily open your door locks and save you time.

Do you need to Replace Office Key after you lost your building keys? We can offer you this service.

Our technicians have the right tools to cut keys for you on location if you need this service. If you don’t want duplicate keys but want a complete change, we can install new lock cylinders which come with keys.

The benefits of this are many. First, you won’t have to worry about anyone else having a copy of our office keys. Second this procedure extends your lock’s lifespan.

If you need Panic Bars for your building, we can put them in place for you. We have these items in store and can install them right away.

In the event of a fire or any other emergency that calls for immediate evacuation of your building, this bar would make it possible to unlock doors that are locked just by depressing them from inside the building.

This device can therefore save lives and may also be required in Phoenix just it is a must have in many other cities.

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